As in a

headshots5chiariaCloud that is fading, you appear close to me. I feel your closeness and i feel your chest against my back. I feel, you’re wrapping me with your arms, i close my eyes and your whispers are around me. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.  I thrill.
Our connection is growing fast. Despite our distance we feel us close one another.
You’re hold me tight. You leave me breatheless.
You’re whispering my name and i feel it. My heart is about to explode.
Our Parallel World is welcoming us. I must to take a long breathe and i see you are stretching your hands to take me.
You’re always so sweet, towards me.
I can, only stare at you and you are approaching yourself slowly to me.
We are face to face, i can feel your hands on my face. You’re looking at me.
I feel myself lost in your eyes. There is a world apart in them. Our Parallel World and it’s only our.
My heart is beating hard. You have leans your lips on my mouth.
Slowly and sweetly you start to kiss me. I close the eyes.



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