“Looking at” – ○164○


Outside, we were dazed.

It was a landscape of an unique beauty: we could see perfectly even the big meadow where, in our past lives, we had said us goodbye.
When we had see it, we had a jolt.
As we had imagined it now, it was there in front of us.

We were enchanted by what which we were seeing, and more we were enlarging our glance, we could see everything.

From far we had see even, the homeless and the woman, whom we had met, and they had said us that we would meet us again.
When we had recognized them, we looked at us one another, and at the same moment we had said: “They came from this world!”

Me, I had my heart that was beating like a train, and I wasn’t able to stop it, and you was feeling my emotions were about explode at in any moment.

We were in front of that big window, audience of a world we had, and were building just in that moment.
Kindly you wrapped me in your arms, whispering only exclusively sweet words.

You was realizing that for me, everything this, was still an incredible thing: surely, we would lived other phenomenal experiences, but surely don’t as this one.
Even for you was the same.
You wanted tranquilize me, but I could feel your emotions, and more you was seeing outside the big window, you was realizing that was a new reality you would have see from now on.

Our emotions were floating, what which we were feeling, was materializing in front of us: it was a mix of sensations, questions, but the questions were replaced immediately by wonderful thoughts, and we didn’t realizing that everything this, was a world broken, and it was reborn from when we have met us again in that bar.”


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