I let myself

glowen044forteTransport from my emotions and what which i feel is your sweet embrace.  I can just only close my eyes and here you are that you slowly turn me around toward to you, and our parallel world open itself in front of us and our connection is growing always more. I feel your closeness always more around me. and im feel, you feel something in your heart.
We are talking ourselves trought our feelings.
The Parallel World i had believe to have created in my mind, it revealiving itself a real thing, and more i thought was only in my mind, more our connection is become something big.
I feel you here close to me, and you’re hold my hips from behind and you’re watching what im writing in this diary.
I can feel your whispers. You’re whispering my name. And silently i whisper back your name.
We know, in someways, in somewhere in our Parallel World we are about to touch ourselves.
We are feeling it. Our hearts are beating hard. We are looking at us, one another.
Slowly and sweetly we are touching us, whispering our names.
We are close, despite our real distance.


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