“When we had” – ○163○

Opened our eyes, we remained without breathe, speechless.

boogaloo_forte0041-1We had believed to have travel so long: our sensations been expand at the maximum.
The kiss we given ourselves had something of magic, and we had felt it, and of course, we had no imagined everything this: we had travelled.
But when we had opened the eyes, we haven’t moved an inch. But inside of us, we felt something was changed: we asking ourselves: “What.”

While we gave us that kiss, something was grow up: perhaps our awareness of our connection, maybe we were leaving the human being for become something superior… we looked at one another, and this last thought was been immediately removed from our minds with a simple glance, and a nervous smile.

We looked at ourselves, and you have started to think a loud.
“Ok, it’s happened something… but what?”
I was looking at you, looking for something to explain, but even me, I was disoriented, and more we stared us, more these new emotions wrapping us.

We were still lost in our emotions and sensations, that the only thing we had must to do look at there in front of us, but we weren’t see anything.
We had to only look at around.

Yes sure, we were still in your apartment, but what which we had must to see, was beyond.

We still had no understand what was happened.
We were, almost, gave up, when you have asked me what I would wanted to eat, when something outside of the big window exploded, and finally we had see it.

Your apartment was become our little castle, and outside there was no others houses that we knew them well: the city noises were disappeared and in front of us, only wonderful big landscape made lakes, and more.

While we looked at ourselves, we had remembered that very strange journey, we had done some days after of our first meeting.
The landscape it was the same, but now we had a larger view of Our Parallel World, and now we were in of it.

We were looking at our world, and we were tightening strong.”


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