I feel

long0039scuriWe looking for us. I feel your closeness more than ever. I close my eyes and i can must to see you. I feel your hands on me, from behind that hold my hips, and i take a long breathe. Our connection is get bigger and bigger, and we can feel our hearts explode at the same time.
I knew you had took a look to what i wrote, but this time it was for good cause and i knew you had took a look to my previous tweet. I’ve done immediately the donation when i had the possibility, and i’ve told you.
Now i can feel our closeness is growing up.
You have one of the most great heart, i ever met. I would like to whisper everything this looking at your eyes, but our distance is so far. I whisper everything this, writing in this open diary, hoping one day, you may read everything i writing to you.



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