luke0034_forteYou coming behind me anmd sweetly you whisper my name. I smile and i turn myself and our eyes meet themselves and in our glances explodes our parallel world around us. You stare at me and touch my face, whispering sweet words.
I close my eyes, and in that istants you’re approaching yourself to me and your lips leans on my mouth. Sweetly you starting to kiss me.
You leaving me without breath. I put my hands on your chest. Slowly you make them slide in your shirt. I sigh.  You’re embrace me tight and you saying me ‘I feel you. Our Parallel World get connecting us eachother strongly, i feel you have need of me as i need of you’. Our closeness is more stronger than before and is becoming more magical.
Now i feel your embrace, and our minds are connecting themselves. We feel us one another. For me is enough to dive myself in your eyes and i feel you here close to me.
How much i feel you close to me in these istants.


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