“For several minutes” – ○159○


We had tried to free our mind from everything was happening around us, but we had never take off our eyes one from another.
We could felt our minds always connected themselves, but we had have need to go out from those borders that, unconsciously we had built around us.

Each of us were ranging away one from another freely with own minds, but was incredible, how our minds crossed themselves again in those few minutes.
It was like, as if we met us in a big crossroad with all those emotions.

The first time, we were met, was been as if we had casual meeting. The second time, we smiled each other, but at the third, we had shake our heads and at unison, we said us: “Isn’t possible”.
We were thinking to different things, but the place we were meeting us, and it was always the same: that crossroads.

We had stopped to think to other things. It was useless. We were bonded strongly, even trying to, we would have found ourselves, always.

We asked us: “Is it Our Parallel World?”
We knew it was a stupid question: sure, it was.

Slowly we were learning how protect ourselves in case of danger.
Our hearts started to beat faster than usual, cause we had know that we were entering in another dimension, in another world.

By now the real world, was only a shell in which we were living, only for a mere necessity, and in a short time, would been unnecessary.

We would have go trough that pathway and we would to live something that we would have never forget: but that time wasn’t still came in.
We were doing the very first steps toward a world still mysterious, but at same time magnificent.”


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