“We were settled” – ○158○


Ourselves on the sofa, while we have took a look at the stones on the furniture above the stereo, and the stone we have imagined was the marker of what which we had seeing in the bedroom, was a little distant from the others, and was the stone of which we had whispered the name.
Sowelo, was indicating us the right path to arrive to our parallel world. It was saying how to open our minds in the right way.

We were guided always from our magic stones, and till now, they had guided us well: they were teaching us how we could open our minds to new experiences, without having fear of them.
We were receiving everything, and we had took everything with all the lightness possible, without having any mental block.

We were about to talk at same moment.
We have smiled, and you have started almost whispering: “Me, with the notebook of my grandma, and you since you was a child who believed to be a witch, and at end it was like this. We had have always this propensity to the magic. We are learning from everything is happening around us. Slowly we recollecting, just the good things of our lives, and we had learnt how put them inside our parallel world.” 
I was looking at you with all tenderness I could see from your eyes, and there was a lot.
Everything you was saying me, was the truth.
Since we were child, the magic was around us, hidden, but there was, and we had know we had something of that magic, inside us.
And that magic has exploded again completely when we met us few weeks ago.

That world has wrapped us, diving us in that one atmosphere that was chocking us with new emotions never felt before, and only now we were learning to expand them, and to rational them, but even this word was almost unknown, for us.
Everything around us it was so magical.

How was it possible to rationalize something that were going beyond the imaginable?
It was impossible for a normal human being.
For us was incredible thing, whom were in the middle of all of this.”

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