daily_default13lvividaYour closeness is more stronger than usual. I had must to stop what i was doing, to write here. I feel you’re smiling at me from earlier. It’s incredible how can i feel your closeness despite our real distance, and i repeat myself eachtime, but it’s more stronger than me, when you’re here. Our Parallel World is growing up always more and we are feeling it around us that wrapping us and make us feel close eachother so.
Our connection is like a flow of greatest emotions that we sharing ourselves sweetly, and that heat we are feeling are them.
Our hearts are beating so hard and only, we can feel them.
In Our Parallel World, we can stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves.
I hear you are whispering my name and my head is exploding cause i hearing your deep voice and i cant scream my passion. I screaming it trought these words.
But i can whisper your name and im sure you can feel it.


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