Here you are

lukevampy21moltiplicaiIn someways our minds are get connecting, and in someways we are feeling it. We are feeling eachother. If i close my eyes i can feel you behind me, and slowly you’re holding my hips, and in this way you leaving me without the breathe.
My vise in stomach is growing up always more and my head is exploding for the emotions you are giving me trought our parallel world.
I feeling our closeness always more great, and even you are feeling it.
I must to take a long deep breathe.
I feeling you are whispering my name, and silently i whispering back your name, and our meeting point is there, Our Parallel World.
We can touch ourselves softly.
I can feel your hands, and your eyes set on me makes me flight close to you.
You’re holding my hands, i feel it and i can only sigh, cause i feel you are close to me, despite our real distance, and only through this open diary we can touch ourselves, and we feel ourselves so close one another, in a strong way.
I would like to scream i how much i feel you close to me.
In someways i miss you, but in another way i feel you so close to me. It’s incredible how these two sensations are fighting eachother, but at the end they make me feel so alive.


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