Happy New Year my Dude (17th open letter to Luke)

tobyluke11forte2-2How can i start this my open letter? Just writing Thank You for everything.
Since is began this strange connection between you and me one year ago, i feel more open to receive only beautiful sensantions and i know that they are arrive from you.
I know, you’re thinking ‘It isnt possible’, but it’s so.
I repeated it alot many times. From when i done that dream, in which you have told me what which we know, it’s been like as if a  door open itself  in front  of me and i have felt something inside and Our Parallel World, slowly was growed up around us, and im sure, you have softly, felt it too, even you.
This year, my emotions were been opened themselves more than usual.
The few times, that you have read my replies on your tweets and you have replied, you have make me feel so close to you, and this closeness has growed up each day more til arrive today.
I dont demand a reply from you. This would be too much. But i know in someways you will read this, not today, not tomorrow, but neither in a month, but im sure you will read it.
What which i want say, amongst of these words are few Thank you for everything, you having giving me, despite we dont still know us in person… but im sure we know ourselves trought Our Parallel World, much better than in other way.


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