“For a little time

luke_johnscuri75-2We were looked at us so deeply that seemed that the whole world came out from our own heads and everything around us was fruits of our imagination.
Seemed that everything we were thinking, could became reality. In someways was what which we were doing.
We were imaginating things that little by little were become reality, and as in a mirror, we were looking at them.
The wall in front of the bed had opened a magical gap and there everything we were imaginating, was real.  We have looked at eachother for a second.
Were we seeing the future or something else? Perhaps we were seeing our parallel world. It was so.
Were we building it together?  

This we had no know still. But what which we had seeing in these few minutes was something of incredibile. And everything this, came from a magic stone, and at unison, we have whispered its name, while we had our hands, one in another.
Right after of that moment of really magic, i have looked at you in your eyes and i’ve whispered you ‘Let’s stop here, i dont want to continue.’ I had no added further explications. There was no need.
What which we were seeing, was sure, our parallel world, and we were building with our all beautiful thoughts, but now, we had must to return to the reality, even if for us, «reality» was an unknown word, by now.
You have looked at me and sweetly you have caressed my face and sweetly you have took me in your arms. Slowly we having left the bedroom and behind us everything was returning normal.
The magical gap faded, right after we came downstairs.”


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