“As if we were

bed04scuriAwake up ourselves, from a dream, we were still arounded by a muffled sensation, as if we were arounded by a soft white cloud of chiffon.
While were lying down ourselves, our sensations were been so light and we, with them.
All our thoughts were became so little that they could even fly away, and everything around us were became light, even our souls.
We were still in these magical atmosphere. Everything around us were became white as the very first night we came in my apartement. The red bricks of your bedroom didnt exist no more. Everything  was became the echo of itself.
And we attended at this little transformation, around and above all inside of us.
The city was about to wake up, a new day was coming, and we, were waiting for something. We had feel it.
We were looking at us, one another deeply, while our hearts beating hard.
The muffled sensation slowly faded and another sensations was about to wrapping us.
We feeling ourselves so light, and we had thought that we could even take the flight, but was only an impression.
We were just only looking ourselves so deeply that we could feel everything of the other. We realized only that our menthal connection was growing up fast, and by now, every speechs we had done about this Parallel World, was pure reality, and we, were in the middle of it. And for sure, we werent driving crazy.”


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“For a little time ⇒

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