“Without realizing,” – ○155○

As a knight takes her princess, you have took me in your arms, and we came upstairs. In those path, we didn’t say nothing.

fairbanks05pluniformeSweetly you have lying me on the bed and you lying yourself by my side.
We didn’t make love. We had no need of it: we had need was just to look at each other one another in our eyes, maybe only whisper another words and perhaps only touch us softly.

We had must to realize that everything we were living wasn’t a dream but a magical reality.
We just looked at each other, and feel what our hearts but above all our souls wanted to say us.

We could hear our souls speaking: what which we were hearing to, was so sweet. I believe, we have spent half night so: your eyes into mine and mine into your. Some caress, some little whispers, and our minds always more connected one another, with no kiss us ever.

You have took my hand to your chest, and whispering you have said me: “My heart is about to explode.”
Inside me was a emotion storm and I wasn’t been able to hold back some tears.
What we were living, was another experience that we hardly we would forget.
And we had know that it would have bring us at to another level.
But now, we didn’t care of it.

We were in front of one another, and what which we cared, were about our emotions that came out freely, without speak.

We had left our hearts and our souls talking, underlining the emotions, with little whispers or little touches, without ever take off our glances one from another.”



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