My heart

luke-10_contrarioforteIs beating hard since when i was woke up.
You cameĀ  close to me and you have embraced me tight.
You have lifted my arms over my head and i felt your kisses.
And now you’re holding my hips, looking what i’m writing.
My thoughts are toward to you, and i feeling your closeness. If i close for a second the eyes, i can feel your scent around me, and i can feel you whisper my name, and our connection getting more faster and faster. I close my eyes and i can see you here next to me. The emotions are growing up more and what which i feel is you in my head.
Everything i need is let you know how much i need of you and how much i feel you, in these little istants that im writing, close to me.
Maybe you’re thinking a little of me…. I will never know it, but let me dream.
I feeling you much close to me, is it possible, for real, that our parallel world does exist.


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