“From that fateful night”- ○154○

It was already, passed several weeks, but each time was as if was only passed one day.

fairbanks75scuriOur new emotions left us always stunned.
What which you have said me, you had said me many times just with your glance: but when I was listened to it directly from your deep voice, was been as if were new flows of sensations had go trough me, and in your eyes there was the same sparkle that I had seen few days ago.

We had passed most of the time wrapped in our emotions, and we weren’t able to express themselves with words.
We looked at us, and immediately we were surrounded by greatest emotions, and we remained stunned by them.

While I’ve listened to you, I was think to every things we would have will see, and all this made me felt thrilled.
I was still reasoning, all this matter of the past, crossed with the present, and even maybe, with the future.

You was sat next to me: you sweetly staring at me.
You was tightening my hand, and you said me: “I’m still surprised how it has happened. My heart is beating hard.”
Sweetly you have put my hand on your chest, and you have continued “Tomorrow, we will don’t know in which period we will wake up ourselves, or what we will dream tonight, but about one thing I’m sure: I will live it with you.”

I was looking at you, as the first time, when you was entered in the bar.
With those words you was illuminating my soul, and I could only to dive in your beautiful eyes.

Those words represented all I really wanted to hear from a guy who loved me, and that guy, was you.

My heart was beating strong too, and our little electric shocks made themselves feel: in some ways, we were connected each other always more.
I’ve took your hand, and I’ve put it on my breast.
We were about to going crazy.

You was about to talk, but I’ve put my finger on your lips.
With a languid glance I’ve approached myself to you, and I leaned my lips on your mouth, starting to kiss you.

Slowly we given ourselves millions of kisses.”


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