“My hands” – ○153○

Were still on your bare chest and i caressing it inside your shirt. You left me do, while our breathe were increasing.

headshot006brucialineareThey were been passed several minutes in silence.
Someone of us had to talk.
In reality, we wanted break that silence, that was lasting from long time.
But what we would have said?

You was about to open the mouth to talk, but suddenly you have closed it again.
We were in a limbo of emotions.
There was little to speak: the necessity to express what we were living was one thing that it must be had done, we knew it.

Slowly you was sat yourself in front of me, on the little table.
Tenderly you have took both my hands, and before to begin to talk, you have looked at me deeply: I was biting my lips.

You have started.
“I don’t know how it was possible, but it’s happening. We reunited one more time: It’s marvellous. I’m loving the most incredible woman i ever met. And i have found that in the past we were been already together. Incredible.
I’m feeling emotions never felt in my life. I’m having experiences that hardly I will never forget.
We were destined to stay together. The fate made us met each other one more time, and I will do the way that this enchament will doesn’t break…”
While you was saying me this, your fingers were caressing my skin, and your glance was set on me: my heart was beating strong that it seemed i had a earthquake inside.

I wanted to stop you and say you the same things, but from your mouth were came out words that seemed a continuous swollen river flow of emotions.

You have took my left hand, and you have stared the ring you gave me the first morning.
“I gave you this ring, almost unconsciously, i had no know what would been your reaction, but i was feeling that i had must to give it to you…”

After a minute of silence, while we didn’t take our glances off, you have took my face in your hands and slowly you approached yourself to me: our faces were touching themselves and slowly you have leans your lips on my mouth: you have whispered:”I love you.”

Those two words entered in me, like a cyclone, leaving me without the breathe, but as if you have know it, sweetly you have started to kiss me, and I have started to breath again.
Right after our glances were become always more sweet, and my need to whisper you everything was become a necessity.
At end even me, I whispered you: “I love you me too”.

Our hearts exploded at same moment.”


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