Your closeness

headshots5forteMakes me drives crazy. Since i have opened my eyes in bed i have felt your hands holding me tight. You have left me without breathe. And even now, im writing i can feel you here next to me. You still wrapping me with your arms. I must do a long breathe and for a second close my eyes.
Your way to look at me, makes me thrill. My hands shaking on this keyboard, and your closeness, is get more bigger and bigger.
I feel your eyes set on me. If i turn myself i could meet your glance, and my heart could explode immediately.
I can feel your hands on my hips.
Slowly you are turning me around…. Our parallel world is opening itself trought your eyes.
I remain breathless. Your lips softly leans on mine and you give me one of the most sweet kiss, and slowly we enter in our own world.
I cant hold back my emotions. And you canĀ  feel it. You hold me more tight.
While you are looking at me, you whispering me sweet words and i can feel them in my heart and i reply you back with all my need of you.
And now our mind get connect us one another more strong thanĀ  before.
My heart is exploding, as your.
Our closeness is here, we can touch it and in this touch we can touch ourselves, despite our real distance.


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