“We gave ourselves

That kiss, to rembember us that we were still alive, but above all after that kiss we looked at us one another for a moment that seemed had no end.
headshots004contrario_forteIn, your eyes, i could see still your glance that you have had in your past life, in front of the fire, while we were holding our hands.
While you was looking at me in these istants, i could felt our old bond that united us one another, and was strong.
I was perceiving it even now, and suddenly i rembembered one of the first magic stones we had seen one of the first night i’ve spent with you. Gebo. The union of two souls.
My thoughts were going beyond. I was realizing that.
But you had no said me nothing, you was only staring at me. And me, i was only enchanted by what which i was looking at. You.

And now my only desire was to touch your face, reaching to your neo, and slowly make me kiss from you my finger till to approach myself to you, and let kiss me again.
I dived myself into your eyes, as if was an ocean. And in a whisper i’ve told you ‘I wanna make love’.
Without say nothing, you have started to give me little kisses on mouth. Little soft kisses that rapidly were enlarged to my neck, on my shoulder while you moved my hair, and me, slowly i’ve started to unbottoned you the shirt, till our own games were done. T
hese little gestures, were became our little rituals, and without realizing, they excited us more.
Eachtime we have done love was, always totally different. From the more passionate, at the more delicate, from the more rough, at the more soft and kind.  This one was been silky and velvet.
Your kisses were so sweet, you was been careful in the penetration. But was been one of the moment most intense we both have had. And when you have lifted my arms over my head, while you was kissing me, we had reached the orgasm together. And that orgasm was the très union between the past and the present.
We given ourselves a last passionate kiss, before to end embraced us one another.”



“My hands ⇒

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