“Slowly” – ○151○

We realized that we were returning to the present, a multitude of colors were surrounding us and in the return we had seen Jera that open itself and from those gates we were returned to the present.
On the sofa.

uber25forte-3We looked at us almost breathless: stunned from what we had seen, and now the only desire, was to stay embraced, to reflect: but there was little to reflect, to do.

What which we had must to know, we had know already, and the last confirm was what which we had seen few instants before.

Our emotions were immense and we weren’t able to talk.
A vise in the stomach was strangling every words that we were wanted to try say.
Our bond was stronger than we could imagine: Jera was the umpteenth proof.

We were reincarnation of ourselves: in silence you was staring at me . Me was doing the same: our heart were beating hard.

Around us there was still track from that journey in the past that was impregnating the air, and we could feel still the smell of the fire, and its heat.
In the air, we could, even feel our scents merging each other, and this was provocate a chemical reaction very dangerous.

Slowly, you was approaching to me.
You have took my face in your hands and softly you have leans your lips on mine and kindly you have started to kiss me, in a such sweet way, as if it was a primary need.
I was remained breathless.

We both of us, had must need of that kiss, like it was a little an awakening from that experience.
We had must to feel, and we wanted feel us alive, and above all to know that we were living al thiss together.”


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