“That embrace

thetunnel010moltiplicaIt seemed had no end.
In reality, i was taking all courage  for to go foward. You holded me tight and you have whispered me
Even me, i have a little scare. One thing so big, i never had face up to it.’ Saying this, you have stared me, caressing my face  you have kissed me softly.
Slowly we prepared ourselves to go downstairs, and see what we would see. Maybe a new scene from our past lives, maybe a little foreshortening of our future.
None of  both us had know it.
You standed up yourself first and you have stretched your hand toward me, and with all the gentleness, you have took me in your arms, and without take off our glances one another, we was go downstairs. While we came down, our hearts were driving crazy,
Your favorite corner was just there, as soon next the stairs, and  you have accompanied me to the sofa. While i settled myself on sofa, you asked me, if wanted something to drink, while you was going in the kitchen. My heart had a thud.
And even you was stopped yourself suddenly and you have looked at me. That scene was stunningly similar to the very first time you have invited me to come in your apartment. It was like a flashback, or better, a dejavù. And in those seconds another magical stone falled on the floor.
We had reached our stability, and we were proceeding in the better way, our souls were doing their own journey. And we were feeling it.
You have took two simple mineral waters and some snacks.
You was settled yourself close to me.
By now we had need one of another, even with a little touch.
Slowly, our fingers were crossed themselves, and together we were looking at Ehwaz.”



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