“We were

Woke up from that sleep, as if were reborn. The muffled sensation was left us, but  we could felt, as if had received a new lymph that it was flowing inside of us. In a sense we have had received a new blood. The blood. The real meaning of life. The meaning that everything flows, the change.
We looked at us one another, and someways, you had know what was happening better than me.
bass_fortee7You had read it on the notebook of your grandma. I was still dazed for which i was feeling. My hearts was pumping hard this new blood inside of me. And you was still looking at me and you have took my hands. Some tears falled from my face. I had know that something of marvellous was happening, but still didnt know what was.
It was something bigger than me. With a thread of voice i’ve asked you ‘What’s happening?’
You looked at me and with a whisper you have explained me ‘I’ve read it on grandma notebook, never imagined that it could happen, for real. Our lights. When they merged eachother, they have, even merged all our souls. Our souls of nowaday with the past lives and… even with our future lives’.
Past, present and future in an unique flowsblood.
Slowly, we were looking at us one another, more aware of which what we were about to face up to.
Going downstairs, we had no know what we would have found.
With your beloved deep voice, at the end you have asked me softly ‘Are you ready?’
I was still looking at you, while i was still assimilating what you have said me. I have took again your hands, and i just have whispered you ‘Embrace me tight’.”



⇐“After that

“That embrace ⇒

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