“After that

Deep breathe, we were looked at us one another and you have took again my hands, and looking around, you have whispered me ‘It seems, it’s calling us’ We had know what was.
blind24forte-1Our Parallel World was ready welcome us in of it.
We were still fighting against the illogical and the logical. But in everything of this nothing had a sense logical or illogical. Was only our ‹human being›, that wanted have right.
But nothing of everything has happened between us, could have a reasonable part.
We have opened that door and in someways, before or after, we had must cross it.
We had seen that we were part of a magic world of which we were more aware more now than previously days. And this magic world was opened itself already two times in front of us.
We were asking ourselves many questions. Questions that would have had not the right replies, if we hadnt ourselves launched in.
We had no talk, but with just only our glances, we were arrived at the same conclusion.
Our glances were one in another. Our hearts were beating hard and our heads, as our souls, were immerse like in an amniotic fluid. As if we were been closed in a muffled shell.
But we were  free. We could moving ourselves, but inside of us it was happening something.
In us, was entering some of kind of new energy, and slowly it was penetring deeply.
During this  «transfer», we always looked at us one in another.
It was to lasting several minutes. It had sucked, all our residual energies. We were tired.
Slowly we were closing our eyes and sweetly we fell asleep embrace one in another.”


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“We were ⇒

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