“Our glances

murforteDidnt take off one from another. We were hypnotized from what we were feeling, and that light was still around us.
We didnt know how we could comes out. The only remedy was to try to take a deep breathe and close our eyes at the same time. Earlier to make this, you have whispered me ‘You mean a lot to me’. In, your eyes i was looking an little universe and it was wrapping me. When we had close the eyes and we had took that deep breathe, we were feeling, that sensation, that had wrapped us, was slowly fading.
We’ve starting to manage what had arounded us. We have took a look around, and everything seemed been returned to the normality.
We have smiled us one another, as if this was happened for the millionth times. But on the contrary. It was one of the very first time, after we have seen that little world, called 
Parallel World. Sure, we had felt strong feelings from our first time, but never after what we have seen very few istants earlier.
We had opened that door unconciously, and we had know that, but we hadnt never entered in of it.
We had to prepared ourselves, and now, we were doing the first steps inside of it.
We could, stay so and in someways, we had no know what was happening around us, but at the the same time we had no know it.
It was as if our logical part of us was in fight against the illogical one and none of both part could win. But the only parts that came out winner, were our real feelings. And more we were exceeding all this, our feelings became stronger than ever, and our need to stay close one another was became necessary, as the oxygen.”

⇐“We were still

“After that ⇒

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