“We were still” – ○145○


Understanding what was happened.
How we have found ourselves in bed, but everything was so strangely magical.

We knew the thread that united everything this, was this our parallel world that we had took a glimpsed: but to assimilate everything it was still so strange, and difficult.

Very few of us, in the whole world, has found their real soul mates: above all who has took a look, even to their past lives; and then they has found themselves in the present days.
This happens much rarely, but that was happened to us.
And it was incredible.

We stared at us dazed from what which we were feeling: above all from what which we were seeing in the glance of the other.

I didn’t know what you was observing in mine, but what which I was watching in your, was a little light that slowly got bigger, and was illuminating you from inside, and from the way you was looking at me, was happening same inside me.

We were seeing our own lights and from the moment we have tightened us the hands, these lights were merging themselves one another, and they were creating an unique light, that now it was enveloping us.

We were overwhelm from what we were seeing, and what we were feeling.

By now, we could only go forward, and in those last glances there was this only desire: discovering what the destiny had in store for us.”


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