“My hand” – ○144○


Slowly entered in your shirt, and continued to unfastened it, till your chest was bare.
You have left me do, while I was put myself above on your knees, and you grab my hips, while our eyes didn’t took off one another, and our breathe got faster.

By now, you knew, my weakness and without say nothing, you have left me do.
While I’ve made slide your shirt over on your arms, you have kissed my neck, leaving you understand how much I loved it.

Sweetly even, your hands began to touch my body in everywhere.
We were wrapped by our kisses, glances and sweet touches that we hadn’t realized that we were flying in air, wrapped by something like a white soft cloud.
As if we had some kind of wings, and in that flight, making love, we were found ourselves upstairs, in the bed.

Just in the moment you have lifted me my arms over my head, we had realized we were arrived, there.
The love we had done, was been stunningly magical that, we still had no know what was happening around us.
Our emotions were as new ones but were always the same, but we were living them with a new feelings.

Reached the our peak of passion, we were have looked us, and our souls were been transported in another place, but we were always there, in bedroom.

We were looking at us, as if we were surprised by what we had done.

…The most natural thing was became the most intense, mystical, passionate, sweet, unforgettable thing we have ever done.”


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