It’s been

billy14vividaAs if we have respected a tacit memories. Today is the our night and when i seen you so busy, i have had a thud in my heart. In someways, we are really connected, and our parallel world is growing faster and faster, and we doesnt know it. You have spoken trought your tweets and your instastories, and when i was woke up myself i have felt your embrace wrapping me sweetly.
In that day, one year ago, you have said me what we know, and my heart was opened more to you, and tonight we were met us one another again.
It seems we have these thin bonds and they are strenghtned always more the time is passing by.
Now im writing, i feeling you here close to me more than ever.
One year ago, i have done that dream, and it seemed a normal dream. But it wasnt  at all.
You have opened yourself to me and slowly, our connection has begun. And our parallel world slowly opened itself in front of us and it was started this adventure and i hope it can  to last  more long as soon possible. Because when i feel your closeness, i feel myself in another planet, in our parallel world and there i feel more alive than ever, and that’s why you’re there too, and feel it.


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