luke0008sovrappostoI was sleeping, i felt you was coming to me and you have embraced me softly. I no opened my eyes, i wanted stay so, wrapped by your arms. I have felt your sweet whispers. But those, what was impressed me, it been your embrace. It seemed you didnt wanted leave me.
Now in this diary i say you ‘I dont leave you, till our parallel world will get connecting us, one another in strong way’. And by now, it has passed one year, (it miss very few hours) from that dream i’ve done, from which it has begun all this.
And im thinking  you more than usual.
Is it possible that you’re think a little of me in these hours?
I feel your closeness more strong than usual in these hours, maybe for real, our parallel world want say us something important. And we here, are still dazed, for this unconcious bond we having from an year.
My heart is beating as a crazy and you can feel it, despite our distance. Our minds are connected one another. We feel it.
And tonight we both are alone. Our hearts is exploding. We whisper our names and we feel it. I whisper you ‘Embrace me tight, i want to feel your arms wrap me sweetly’.


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