“We were still coming” – ○143○


Out from that atmosphere that it was created around us, and we were looking at us.
We were still dazed, but inside of us there was the growing awareness that from that very first meeting, we had no know which jobs we were doing to live.

We been overwhelm by our feelings, and from that alchemy that had rapt us: but now was just a curiosity.
The answer seemed more logical than everything else.

Me, I had no any jobs, due of my physical problems, but I was looking for to breakthrough as a writer.
I was writing everything on my diary, looking for to collect something good, hoping one day, someone could say me: “Hey, this is good stuff! Let’s publish it”.
But it never happened.
While I was telling you that, you was looking at me so sweetly, that for a moment my heart exploded.

And at my same question, you have shyly smiled me, as if I knew your reply.
Everything around suggested me the most obvious reply: The old typewriter, papers and pencils scattered everywhere.
We looked at us, and slowly I exclaimed: “Even, you writer!”
You nodded.
At same instants our hearts exploded.
“Yes” you whispered me, without take me your eyes off, as if you was enchanted from what you was seeing.

Continuing to whisper:”But now I don’t care: I’m living the most beautiful romance I had in my life, and no novel that I may write, can describe what which i’m feeling with you.”
And softly you was approached yourself to me, and you have started to kiss me, taking my hand, making it sliding in your shirt.
I sighed, and I closed my eyes.”



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