“Slowly” – ○142○


That bubble was about fading out, and around us, everything was getting back to the normality: as if the term “normality” was the right word to define what which we had lived till now.
But it was right so.

Everything we had lived together, it was something that, we were building staying together.

We were looking at that bubble get make itself smaller and smaller till became a little firefly, then your eyes posed on mine, and together, we were seeing the firefly disappears, leaving a little gold dust, as his light.
You was looking at me: your eyes were gentle.
You had took my hands in your, and you threw away the air from the lungs.

“I never seen something more beautiful.”
You have left in suspension what you wanted say me.

Our emotions were going beyond the words: our eyes dived themselves one another, and were speaking us about to leave everything. Everything what we were doing, since our meeting at the bar.
In someway, what we were doing to live, our jobs, by now it was the most useless thing.

Since our first meeting, we were been overwhelm by something of magical, surreal and we were going forward so, already, from several days, if not from weeks just with our own emotions.

Only now, I was realizing that I was losing the cognition of the time, but I didn’t care from how long i had lost it.

I was looking at you that you stared at me, and around us there was that magical atmosphere that was lasting from long, so silently, from when we had have touched us the very first time.

With those touch we opened our destiny, together.”


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