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tangle0044forteI woke up myself that i feel your closeness. Im feeling your embrace that is wrapping me so sweetly. Our parallel world get connecting us, one another.
While i was half sleeped, i have felt your sweet embrace, and your closeness hasnt left me.
You’re here by my side, i feeling you. You’re wrapping me with your arms and your eyes are set on me.
My heart is beating hard. Im feel you. And our minds get connecting one another.
I whispering your name, and you can feel it and you reply me back.
Im thinking¬† to the day is coming…. I wouldnt have to think it, but more the time is passing by, everything return back in my mind….
Your emotions, your words, my feelings, my desire to hold your hands in mine, and from that day was born our little connection.
I just want to whisper you everything you make me feel.
And i would like add a little phrase…but i will say you when our parallel world will make us meet us.


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