mtc033forteUs was exploded a great bubble in which were collect all the emotions we  had felt till few minutes earlier. Each emotions were tangible and were floating around us. As fireflies and we could see them. These little fireflies were our feelings. We were seeing fly our sensations.
Each time they were posing themselves close to us or above us, to rest themselves, was magical. We were relived our feelings, as if the very first time.
They were little doors that opened themselves in front of us and each emotions was there. From the very first glance, to the very first time we were kissed us, from the most exciting moment, to the very first time we have made love, from the most calm, to the most moving. And we were in of them.
We were seeing of how’s our parallel world was made.
At the same moment we sighed, and our hand were approched one another to be hold tight.
We were, as affascinated, from what we had created till at those moment.
Your apartement was, as disappeared. We were wrapped by this suffused light that covering everything. In someways, we were entered in a black hole, but a black hole wasnt at all.
The color we were seeing around us was a soft blue with these little fireflies that symbolized every feeling we had felt till at this moment.
While you was looking at around, you have took my face in your hands, then you dived your eyes in mine, and in a whisper you said me ‘All this it’s… wonderful, look what we are creating’. I was looking at you, my heart was about to explode for the millionth times in few seconds. You was approaching yourself to me closer. Slowly you have kissed me. Our hearts exploded together, and from our hearts was born a new fireflies and we had seen it go fly toward the others.
A new our emotion was about to mix up with the others.
And we us were hold us tight.”


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