Even you

20-10-19sovrappostoFeel how our parallel world get connecting us one another quickly. That’s enough, a little thought that the other make and everything opening
That’s how does works, and we are in of it.  I feel your eyes set on me, you slowly coming to me, and sweetly  you wrap me in your embrace. You’re always gentle and delicate. I can feel your deep voice, a whisper.
You wrapping me  with your arms.  I can feel your shirt touching my back.
You turning me around and i dive myself in your eyes, putting my hand on your chest.
We remaining in silence, but in that silence there are many feelings that are floating. They make us approaching one another always more, and now our faces touch themselves.
I feel your hand caressing my face.
You dont take off your eyes from me.
My heart is beating hard, and despite our real distance, we are feel us close in these few istants that im leaving here, my emotions.
That’s our parallel world.



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