“After that” – ○140○


You have kissed me, you have took again the notebook and you have started to leafing it, as if you wanted to look for something new in the hand notes of your grandma, but at the end, after have leafed it, for the millionth times, you have closed it and with a nod, you looked at me.

You hoped to find something that maybe you had thought it wasn’t important when you had started to studied it.
I was looking at you.
Slowly I took your hand.
“Look at me” I have said you and you have lifted your glance toward me.
“It doesn’t care what is written inside that notebook in which way is written, or what we will discover.
That notebook was been one of many signs that we had must meet us, and we’ve done it: we have met us, and that is what is count.
Maybe, for real, we are living in a new dimension. We are creating a new world.”

You have sighed, while you looking in my eyes, whispering: “Our parallel world”, leaving to die the last word on my lips.

When you have pronounced those words, around us, has exploded a great energy and we were wrapped by a great emotion: we both had the awareness that it could exists for real.
I had only read of it, and I’ve had said you, that day on the kitchen table, while you enveloped me with your arms.

Now we were inside of it.
Inside of Our Parallel World.”


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