“I stopped” – ○139○

Myself in front of that gate because I felt that everything around us was running so quickly, and I wanted stop me.
I wanted collect all those information that in those days we have collected together.

dwdcatturamoltipliicaiI looked at you, and I have said: “I don’t want to burn any phases, with you. Now I can say: my fall at the bar, it’s because all this had must be happen.
Let us no hurry to see our future. We are living the present, and let it be so.”

You was looking at me with your eyes that I had always loved, since our first meeting, and inside them, I could see all sweetness, and you was understanding i was right.

I’ve continued: “In some ways i have seen, already this gate with on Dagaz.”

You had no need of more explications, because you knew, already the reply, and sweetly you have took my hand.

In a whisper I have said you: “Exactly…”, and in that moment you have caressed my face.
You had said nothing, you was looking at me, as, the most person in love of the world, and I could perceive it.

In, your eyes there was that sparkle: If it had wanted, it had would be illuminate all the city.
At the end you have whispered me, looking at me deeply: “You have right, my princess.
We have seen our past lives. We are living days wonderful, magical. Let’s live them, without think to the future!”

I wanted to kiss you, but i remained hypnotized by your eyes and I didn’t realized that you was approaching, and was been you to kiss me.”


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