“We were feeling

Ourselves, as if we were sucked by a twirl of lights and as if we were, for real, entering in a new dimension.
wl10fscuriA new world.
We were aware to stay, still in your house, on the sofa, but what which we were seeing, and above all what which we were feeling, was going beyond our imagination.
We werent seeing the wall in front of  the sofa, but we were seeing a gate that was opening itself in front of us, and with our minds, we were going trough it.
We were more breathless than speechless.  But, now it was time to stand up ourselves.
We had know it. You have took a look at me and you have stretched your hand toward me and i have took it.
This time, there no was a ray of light, but only a gate with another symbol put on, that we had knew well. Dagaz was opening itself to us.
We looked at us one another, and we knew, from that meeting in the bar, we had go trought some incredible moments of our lives, that noboby else would have lived ever.
We had lived the past, the present, and we were about to see our new begin, our future.
We were holding ourselves tight, our hands. You was looking at me, and me i was looking at you.
Around us, everything was muffled.
We stopped ourselves in front of those gate with the Dagaz symbol. Beyond that gate, we have would see our new begin.
We looked at us one another, once again, but this time, was me to dont go foward.
Our hearts were going mad.
‘I believe, we shouldnt go beyond’. I have whispered you. While i was saying that, both our hearts got calms themselves. You have looked at me and i took a deep breathe, closing the eyes.
What i have seeing in your eyes, was your awarness of what which you had have as soon heard.  You made me a nod, and sweetly you have embraced me, we were turn around ourselves, we returned from where we were arrived. ”


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