“From when

0033blindscuriEverything had begun, we have given us ourselves many kisses, but we were feeling this one in particular, was opening us a new door, where, we were entering staring two of our magical stones that was floating in the air, sourrounded by a little dust.
We had understood, that we were bonded from long time. But all these informations were hard to assimilate quickly.
We were still dazed from what were feeling one for another.
Many times we had asked ourselves, if we had burnt some stages, but more the time passed by, that time had have just waited for too long.
All our passion, even only, in our glances had said everything.
We could stay, hours with no say any words, but what which we were feeling, was tangible and we were aware of that.
We were looking at those two magical stone and what we had felt was been a thud in our hearts at the same moment.
I was about to cry, but i was been able to hold back the emotion, but a little tear was able to fall from my face.
We looked at us, one another. The stones, one from my little bag and one of your pink stones, had themself leaned on the little table in front of us, close to the notebook.
Even them were bonded with a magical thread. The symbol was the same.
And we had know, what was its meaning.
It was Inguz and it was saying us, that we were opening the door to the new beginings.
Our breathe got faster and faster.
For a second, we stared us on in another, then as if we were overwhelm, by a something more bigger than us, we have given ourselves one of the more passionate kiss ever.
We were feeling, as if we were transportated inside a different world, as if we were reliving that strange journey that we have done, days earlier. but this time we hadnt no made any moves. But inside of us, something new, was entered.”




“We were feeling ⇒

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