“While” – ○136○


You stared me, I was leafing the notebook and I was reading the notes hand written.
It was, as if you was enchanted from what you was seeing.

That notebook, was been always belong to your grandma, since when you had memory, and now it was in my hands and I was leafing it with the maximum care.
It seemed, for real, that notebook was came from another era.
It seemed , even that the rainstorm, announced us that we were entering in a new dimension, made, for now, by our magical stones, our feelings and our souls melting themselves, one another.

You have settled yourself next to me, while together, we were reading each pages of that notebook.
In the middle there were also several hand note written by you: some on these symbols, and some hand notes with a simply question «who are you, i ever will meet you?»

I had a thud in the heart, when I read these questions written and putted in the middle of the notebook, in a casual way, as if they hadn’t any importance, but at end they had it.

Was the same question, but putted in different ways.
When i have read these different notes, our glances met themselves and we couldn’t to do not to sigh, touching our faces softly.

I putted away the notebook, with the same care when I’ve took it, from your hands.
We knew, that notebook, it would been important for our path together.

But now, my only desire was to live those few instants of suspension, dived myself in your eyes, and wait for our lips touches themselves in a kiss that it had waited much time.

That kiss, was the very first one, after what we have had discovered: what whom we were for real: two soul mates for life.”


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