“We had listen” – ○134○


To all our stories, and everything seemed so unlikely: the homeless, the woman.
We looked at us, without say nothing
Outside was about to rain.

Little drops were getting wet the big window, and little thunders were themselves about to approach.
We didn’t move.
We were there, on the sofa.
You have embraced me sweetly, while I’ve putted my hand on your chest.

While i’ve closed my eyes you have whispered me: “We will stay forever together. Witch or not witch you have healed me from which me, I wasn’t been able to came out alone.
You have made me see the most beautiful side of love…”
You was about to continue, butI was been me to complete the phrase: “the eternity…”
I lifted my face and our glances met.
We smiled.

Outside was raining hard: thunders, lightning were our private show.”


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