“The rain storm

Was making its path and slowly it was fading. We were still on the sofa, embraced ourselves.
panic38forteSuddendly i lifted myself and i’ve looked at you with a simply question. With a whisper i’ve asked you ‘Can i take a look at the of your grandma notebook?’
You have looked at me, just a little surprised, but you have made me a nod you was go at the desk where was the typemachine of your grandpa and you have opened a drawer and from there you have took the notebook of your grandma.
It seemed, as if it came from other period, another era. It was good perseved.
You have given it to me and immediately, we have felt like an energy, coming from the notebook. As if  it had made a  long travel and finally it was returned at it own home.
It opened itself in my hands.
We were surprised on what it was happening.
It has opened itself on a page where there were ours the very first stones we have seen falls. Algiz, Gebo and Raido, with a hand note at the end of the paper that acted «The journey will be long, but they at the end will reunites themselves, once again, and they will have the Algiz protection.»
You have looked at me, and you whispered me ‘I have that notebook from long time. I have passed on these pages, i have no idea how many times, but this one, i never seen it before’.
You have looked at before the notebook then me.
‘It’s talks about us’  i have whispered you.
Our hearts were beating like crazy train running gone mad and our glances hadnt wanted take one another off.
We were in silence, we were feeling just our breathe got faster and faster.
We were entering, always more, in a world just ours, made of the past, magic, present and now of  omens.”


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