“You was

Still looking at me. You seemed almost surprised on what i’ve had just said you.


‘I had almost the same your experience. While i was walking in the street, i was been approached by a woman who selling some strange stuff, as earings, rings, bracelets, candles, little crystal balls and other things. She took my hand and as soon she took it, she looked at me as if she knew who i was. I was alone.
While she had, still my hand, she said me «I see in you eyes, that you’re still looking for her. I want to give you these magical stones. With the time, they will speak to you. You must to listen to them. They will speak to your heart, to your soul».
She havent wanted that i pay them.
When she gave them to me, she said me «Two souls that reunites themselves, has no price, now go!».
I was moving myself here. I had all still the boxes closed scattered around the house. I had much work to do, but when i was returned at home with these pink stones, i have not make anything else. I rembember, i settled myself on the sofa and i stared them.
I rembembered something of those sign, when i was a child. I had a jolt. My grandma kept a notebook with those simbols and their meaning. When she has died, was been one thing that she has wanted me i had. That notebook was still inside of the boxes.
Fortunately the notebook was inside the box of my grandpa’ stuff. And from that night, i’ve started to make mine them.’
We remained, at least speechless, for five minutes. We were looking at us one another.
We had exceeded another limit of our awarness that we were predestined. And in a whisper you have continued, ‘And when i saw Kenaz on your bracelet, everything has comeback in my mind’… you was looking at me as the first time in that bar.
We were feeling our hearts expands themselves as in a liquid. Slowly and kindly
And we were looking for to understand something else more. But in that istants was impossible.
Our emotions were wrapping us, and the only thing we needed, was our glance, touching tenderly our hands.”


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