“We were” – ○132○


Still inside that magical atmosphere, but in our minds were still lot of questions that wanted have a reply.

You was looking at me, looking for to understand if now, was everything ok.
In a whisper I’ve said you: “Yes, it’s everything ok, now”
I was looking at you was shyly smiling me.
Everything was absurd, but in a sense it was ain’ at all.

I been the first who started to talk, slowly for fear that the magic broke itself.

We were tightening us our hands, and we hadn’t took off our eyes, one from another.
I threw away the air from the lungs, and I have begin to talk.

“Since I was a child i have always believed to be a witch…”
I had left in suspension that phrase, shaking my head, now which we knew.

“That leather small bag with the little stones inside, was been given to me, by a homeless who saying me a phrase that only now, I have understand: he said me: «You will meet him again»: from that day, I haven’t never met him again, I would wanted asking him who I would have met again.”

I had say you that story with the look down, but slowly you have took my face, and gently our glances met again.
We were looking at us, and in a sigh I whispered: “I would have met myself… with you… again.”

This time, your eyes got wet: I was seeing all your sweetness and everything you was feeling in those instants.

Your heart was about explode.”


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