“From when” -○131○

daily_default13forteIt’s has began all this story, last night was been one the most intense we had lived.
We were destined to stay together from long time before we met at the bar.
You have left my hand just only to go in the kitchen to take something to drink. Something light: surely not something of alcoholic.
We wanted to reasoning about what we had just dream.

While you was in the kitchen, I have took two things that we had put, even them, together.
And when, you was comeback with two simple mineral water, you have take a look at them, then you have stared me.
You have made room on the little table, and you have yourself settled on it.
We were in front one another.

We had know what we wanted say us, but none of us were able to say, not even a words.
You tightened my hands in your.

Both, were looking at those pink stones and the little leather bag.
Me I wasn’t been able to hold back the tears.
Everything was matching at the perfection: even our emotions.

Those little magical stones and the leather little bag, were the only material things survived during this long time.
We were still looking at us dazed: I had still my hands in your, and my tears streaked my face.
I was breathless, I was myself losing in your eyes, but at the end I was been able to ask you: “Tell me, that I’m not going drive crazy”.

You kneeled yourself in front of me: you have realized that my emotions were at the limit, and were about to explode.
With your deep voice, you was been able to calm me.
“No, you’re not going drive crazy: we are, just living the most beautiful dream of our life, and we’re living together, you and me: just you, and me.”

After I have embraced you, we were remained like this, till I took a deep breathe, and I have looked at you, and then you have sweetly kissed me.”


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