“You was still” – ○130○

Looking at me, as if you knew, I had something of magical for real.

dwd26moltiplicaI could feel your feelings, your emotions: were around us, and were enveloping me.
I was looking at straight your eyes, and in them there were a world that it was opening.

Everything around us was in a floating silence.

“I had know, you was magical: since we met, I had know you was it”. And just after that dream we made, I realized that all those little powers I have had, came from my past life.

We were elaborating everything: from those people who were us, and everything was matching.
We were looking at each other without saying nothing, but in our minds, on the contrary, there was a traffic jam of thoughts, questions that finally, were having their replies.

We were tightening us our hands, and now, it have could even, to falls, the whole world, we weren’t would be realize of that.
For sure, we would been the only survived.

The feelings we were feel, was the most strong feeling, and it would be our salvation at the destruction of the world, and we were in of them.

At the end, we threw away the air from the lungs, and diving in this atmosphere, amongst magic and reality, we awakening ourselves, smiling, and you sweetly, asked me: “Want we, go downstairs, my princess”
I had my heart was still beating hard, but with a shy smile, I have reply you: “Yes”, and sweetly, you have took me.
In your arms, I sighed.

“You’re the best thing that has happened in my life” you have said me.



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