As a thunder

loaded81forteYou came and now my vise is strong and i feel you’re embracing me. I can feel you’re thinking of that.
Im whispering your name and i feel you’re feel it.
Our parallel world is here, around us. You’re next to me. I can feel you’re wrapping me, slowly you turning me around and our lips touching immediately.
I feel you want say me something. My heart is beating so hard.
These few istants of connection, while im writing are so strong. When our parallel world get connect us one another in this way, i must close my eyes and take a deep breathe.
These istansts are so intense, my head is exploding and i can feel your closeness so close. We could touch us one another.
I feel your sweet whispers, your eyes set on me and you want take off me your glance.
My heart could be even explode. You’re looking at me and touching my face approaching you to me.
Our lips sweetly ourselves touching. We are loving us in our own way. Im going crazy as you’re, too.


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