“When we” – ○129○


Woke up ourselves, we had understood immediately that we had made the same dream.
We were looking at us as if we were lost, but in someway, that condition was necessary to go forward.

One only echo resounded in our souls and each time we were feel it, our hearts were going crazy: that promise I’ve made you, when i took the flight and I was gone away, made us remained breathless.

Now you was looking at me, really aware of everything.
In our heart was happening a revolution. I really didn’t know what to do. I was looking at you, and around us, our emotions were merging one another.
But one thing was sure. Our love was growing up always more.
In this sharing of emotions, slowly our hands touched.

In that atmosphere of awakening of something really magical, from my mouth was came out a whisper: “From that day, I’ve thought you always”.
You was looking at me and while you have approached yourself to me, you caressed my face and you whispered: “I waited for this moment for all of the life.”
Who was talking, we were us of the past lives, but now in the present.
Slowly we had feel something more magical was growing up in us.
Something, like a bubble, exploded in us, but it has left us in our souls, in hearts, a feeling of a growing love.
Our past lives, by now, were reunited.

We were found us again from the past, but now we had must go forward in the present, and in the future.

From those pronounced words, we have understood many things.
Our love was magical, and we had must defending it with all our forces.
We looked at us one another.
Slowly you’ve put yourself on me, and you have started to touch my face with little caresses and i approached myself to you kissing you lips.

An “I love you” flew in the air.”


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