I looking at you (16th open letter to Luke)

Uber05+Forte.JPGWhile you are thinking me. I can feel your thoughts, maybe im the only one who can understand what which you have passed and you still feeling it.
Maybe this is one thing that unites us in strong way. What i wrote i wanted say it to you from time. I wanted to say you another time how much you have helped me in these lastest years.
Now i feel you close to me. You’re watching me, i can feel you glance set on me.
I can feel you’re whispering my name and slowly our parallel world is wrapping us in of it.
In, your eyes there is a sparkle.
That sparkle that it had helped me to go foward  despite all my difficulties.
I feel you’re embracing me and you’re caressing my face.
I feel you by my side more than usual. Is it possible?
I must close the eyes and take a deep breathe to dont drive crazy.
Our closeness is more profound in these istants… i can feel it and im sure you can feel it too.


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