“In the sleep”- ○128○

We dreamed the same dream.
We had established the contact with our past life, and we were diving ourselves in her story.

john43_contrarioforteUnconsciously we tightened us our hands.
We were the audience of our past life.

The dream has begun in the same way in which we had the flashback: in that great green valley, in front one another.
We were saying: “I will love you forever.”

While I was fading in the air, I made fall a leather small bag in front of you. Then, I was disappeared in a white cloud and while I was flying away in the air a whisper: “We will meet us again, I promise you.”

You taken the leather little bag, and you opened it.
Inside, those pink magic stones:. our stones.
You eyes were set in the sky, while you was whispering “Daria…”

You had know, I was a witch, but only a white witch, but the rest of the village hadn’t know that.
The diversity was seen always with inquisitive look , and the person with strange powers, could get, even, to scare: I was one of those of them.

The only one who had no fear of me, was you.
We fallen in love immediately.

We going in that great green valley, every time we wanted stay alone.
Nobody would have be found us there.

One night in the village has exploded a fire and a child was died.
Unfortunately the only person next the fire, was me.

I was looking for to turn off it, but at the eyes of the village, I was doing «witch’ stuff», and without the right to reply, in front of a jury, I was chased away, directly from the person who was considered the leader of the village.

When the decision was taken, the only person who took my parts been you, but in front of the leader of village nobody could say the contrary.

In those instants our glances met one another and in few seconds our hearts, our souls, have created an own world, only ours, while the other people screaming me to leave the village.

Slowly you was approached you to me, you have took my hand, while the leader of village said me: “You can sleep in your house tonight, but you must leave the village at the earlier hours of the day.”

We have left the piazza where I been judged hands in hands, and when we were arrived in front house, after a moment in suspension, we had start to kiss us passionately.

We made love till the first lights of the new day.”



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