Here it is

hyde41_lumascuriYour glance set on me and you’re approaching yourself to me.
I can feel your arms sweetly wrapping me and i close my eyes and i feel your breathe on my skin.
Our parallel world get connecting us one another in fast way.
That’s enough we whisper our name and we are close. I feel your hand on my leg. I feel, you are here next to me, reading what im writing, what are my emotions, and our sensations melting one another.
You go, behind me, and you embrace me. I can feel your shirt against my back.
Slowly your hands begin to caress sweetly my body. I close my eyes turning myself toward to you, while you are touching my face. ‘Open your eyes i want see your soul’
Slowly i open the eyes and our parallel world is wrapping us.
You see it trough my eyes, as i see it trought your eyes.
I place my hand on your shirt….and slowly you have made it slided in of it…
Sweetly you kiss me and in that kiss we are disappeared.


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