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uber25forteAt me and i feel your glance on me and my heart is beating hard. I feel you’re embrace me sweetly and i feel you whisper sweet words. I can feel feel your need to stay alone with me as i need to stay with you in our parallel world. And i can feel something more is growing between us. Maybe it’s our connection.
In someways, it’s growing fast in these days and slowly we feeling it, despite our distance, but despite this, we feel us close one another always more.
My thoughts are always toward to you, and our parallel world is get connecting us more fast, each time we need to say us something.
My vise in stomach is growing fast, and i can t wait to close my eyes and take a great breathe to feel you still more close to me.
I need of your embrace, of your glance just for me, of your whispers, of our emotions and everything we have create in a way that i never believed, even me.
Im waiting for you.



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